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Having been into the Foreign Exchange market for a long period of time with high-level experience and professional traders, we utilized this opportunity to explore the financial market and created a wealthy environment for our clients to have a share according to the amount invested.

We trade Forex, Binary Option, Gold and other commodities to earn more income daily and we've had over 93% success rate ever since we started trading in 2017.

Our investment program is not a get rich quick program and if you're looking for such, probably EasyTradeX is not for you hence we're not a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) company and we focus on sharing our profit with our customers according to the plan they signed up for.

We've three major plans which are the Novice, Standard and Pro which pays between 1% - 2.18% daily according to the chosen plan.

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Investment Plans

We've created three major investment plans to fit in all categories of investors around the world. Our plans are as follow, Novice, Standard and Pro Level.

Novice Level

This plan is designed for the low income earners or people who wish to try our investment program to know how it works.

Minimum Deposit: $50

Maximum Deposit: $500

Total Interest: 60%

Time Duration: 60 Days

Standard Level

This plan is designed for the average people who wish to utilize their opportunities to earn more.

Minimum Deposit: $501

Maximum Deposit: $10,000

Total Interest: 114.50% - 122.7%

Time Duration: 90 Days

Pro Level

The Pro level is designed for the people who wish to maximize the opportunities to earn more and be eligible for quick loan. As a Pro investor, you're entitled to get our personal or business loan quickly.

Minimum Deposit: $10,001

Maximum Deposit: $1,000,000

Total Interest: 130.9% - 196.4%

Time Duration: 90 Days

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How to start investing

Investing on EasyTradeX is as simple as you what you can ever think about. All you need is to Create an Account, verify your email address, login to your account and click on Start Investment, then click on Create Investment and you'll be redirected to where to a page to select payment method. Choose any of your desired payment method from Debit/Credit Card, Direct Bank Deposit, Perfect Money or Bitcoin, enter the amount to be invested or invest from wallet balance and click on Continue to pay button below.

After this process, you'll be redirected to where you're to preview your deposit. Then click on "Make Deposit" and you'll redirected to the account details to send payment to.

For Debit/Credit card, a secured page will be displayed. Enter your card details correctly and make payment. Your account will be confirmed immediately after successful transaction.

For Bank Deposit, our bank account will be displayed, copy and make payment to it. After making payment, send your payment receipt to our email address. Please note that it might take between 2 - 3 business days for direct deposit to reflect in our account.

For Bitcoin, a Bitcoin wallet address will be generated, copy the wallet address or scan the barcode beside and send the exact amount of Bitcoin to the given address or if you already have some in your EasyTradeX wallet, invest from your wallet and the payment confirmation is instant when you invest from your wallet.

For Perfect Money, you'll be redirected to Perfect Money website, you will see our Perfect Money account details, click on Make Payment, login to your Perfect Money account and we'll receive your money.

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How to make withdrawal

There are two way you can make withdrawal from you EasyTradeX account which are; Send Out or Add to Wallet.

To get started, login to you account, click on the Investment Profits from your sidebar. Locate the button Cash Out and choose either to send to an external wallet address or add to your EasyTradeX wallet account.

If you choose to add to your wallet, it will be added to your EasyTradeX account when payment is being made.

Adding Wallet for Withdrawal

To add wallet for your withdrawal, click on the "Investment Profits" button and click on Add Cashout Wallet, enter your Bitcoin wallet address or Perfect Money account number and click on save changes.

Payments are made every 14th and 28th of the Month, in a situation either of the days falls on a public holiday or weekend, the payment will be made on the next business day.

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Profit Calculator

Our investment program comes with daily profit. you can get the actual profit of your intended investment amount before investing

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How to upgrade your account

After signing up for an account with EasyTradeX, your account will be on a Novice level by default. To upgrade to either Standard or Pro level, login to your account and click on "Upgrade" button at your dashboard or click on "Account Upgrade" from your sidebar, then click on the plan you wish to upgrade to and then upgrade.

NOTE: The account upgrade option is irreversible. It is mainly meant for those who wish to invest on the higher plans.

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Why you should invest with us

EasyTradeX Inc is a Bitcoin wallet service provider which gives it's users the opportuny to get a personal or business loan, invest and earn from their investment.

We are registestered company

We are registered with the SAIPB and have had our certificate of incorportion since 2016.

Flexibility & Secured platform

Our platform is flexible and we now give access to everyone around the world who wish to take advantage of our platform to earn more income not compared to our competitors who restrict people from other geographical area.

We also ensures that the information provided by our clients are 100% secured and we don't or can never share your personal information with anyone. Not even our staffs have your password or can access your account because your information is encrypted.

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