Our Wallet Service

EasyTradex Wallet has become a major wallet with over 17,541 clients since the introduction of Wallet & Savings Account.

With our wallet, you can send and receive bitcoins to and from any wallet. You can also send Perfect Money to your USD Wallet account with us to save & earn or invest for maximum profit.

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USD Wallet Account

With the USD Wallet Account, you can either send Perfect Money, USD direct deposit and your money will be stored in USD value not minding the fluctuation of Bitcoin price.

This wallet also allows you to convert your Bitcoin to USD when there is drastical Dip in Bitcoin market. This will retain the exact amount you have after exchanging using our exchange service.

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Bitcoin Wallet Account

The Bitcoin Wallet Account is a feature that allows you to store, send and receive Bitcoin from anyone around the world. Our wallet service allows peer-to-peer sending and receiving Bitcoin within EasyTradeX or external wallet

Our wallet service allow you to send to other EasyTradeX users either by using email address, username or wallet address.

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How to send funds

To send Bitcoin or USD from your wallet, login to your EasyTradeX account, click on "BTC Wallet" for Bitcoin or "USD Wallet" for USD, enter the value of the BTC to send or USD value for USD wallet and enter either the username or email address or wallet address for another EasyTradeX user or wallet address for external user who's not registered with EasyTradeX and click on "Send".

NOTE: Only BTC value eg 0.009 BTC is best to be sent. The minimum amount allowed to be sent is 0.009 BTC. Also note that sending from an EasyTradeX to EasyTradeX wallet is free but sending outside the platform requires transaction fee.

How to receive funds

To receive Bitcoin in your wallet, login to your EasyTradeX account, click on "BTC Wallet" and copy the wallet address below or you can generate a new wallet address as much as you can.

NOTE: You can't receive USD with your EasyTradeX wallet.

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Wallet Savings Bonus

Our wallet savings bonus is a way of rewarding our users who wish to HODL their Bitcoin or USD in our wallet for 30 days. This is totally different from our Investment program hence you may decide to pull out your MONEY anytime you wish.

The wallet savings guarantees you 3% when you have between $100 - $2,500 and 5% from $2,501 to infinity of Bitcoin or USD you HODL in our wallet for 30 days. You don't need to do anything for be part of this hence it is automatically activated once you've up to $100 USD or BTC equivalent in your account.

NOTE: Whenever you send or move Bitcoin out of your wallet, the time automatically reset and it will start counting from the day the last transaction was made.

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Use Our Currency Converter

This feature allows you to swap between Bitcoin to Dollars or your local currency.

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Invest Wallet Balance

This feature allow you to view your total wallet balance, total received, total withdrawals, latest transactions that occurs in your wallet and finally invest in our investment program.

This serves as a shortcut to our investment program when you already have money in your wallet.

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Verification Method

We've implemented verification method to help prevent fraudlent activities.

Our verification process includes verifying Email ownership, ID Card upload and residential validation which can be any receipt or statment that shows your residence address.

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