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Our team are reliable to keep protecting your wallet 24/7. It's our responsibility to protect you

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Your password is 100% secured

Your passwords are stored in hashed form while entering our database. With this method, nobody except you knows your password and so we do recommend to use a strong password while signing up with EasyTradeX.

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Personal Information

All personal information such as email address, names, user identity number, identity cards and proof of residence address are all encrypted and stored in a safe place. We do not share your information to any third party hence your protection is our priority.

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Get more secured with our 2FA

Our Two-Factor Authentication enables you to have an extra layer of security to your account. By default, when you try to login to your account from a different device other than the usual device, you'll be required to enter the code sent to your email address. It's advisible to enable this feature for more security.

Our website is protected with a secured connection

Our website communication and services are protected on a HTTPS secured connection and this provides total security with the way our website communicates with the internet.

We also give our staffs regular training on security issues.

We use deep freeze storage & hot wallet for fast withdrawal

Our customers Bitcoin are stored in “deep freeze” storage. Deep freeze is multi-signature wallets, with private keys stored in different bank vaults. With this, nobody have access to more than a private key.

Our Hot wallet is maintain a multi-signature wallet that facilitate instant Bitcoin withdrawals from our site. We have control over a key while the other is held by the multi-signature custodian leader BitGo.


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