About our affiliate program

Our affiliate program is an additional way of earning extra income as a member or user of EasyTradeX. This program will make you earn as much as you can recruit or introduce new user(s) to EasyTradeX. This is not limited to whatever service the new user opted-in for ranging from our wallet, loans and investment.

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As a recruiter or an affiliate, you're entitled to earn 5% on every deposit made by the person you introduced into using EasyTradeX.

You get instant 5% affiliate commission once the person you introduced made a deposit in the investment package.

You get 3% affiliate commission once the person you introduced uses our wallet to receive or make payment. The user must transact 0.003 BTC in Bitcoin wallet or $300 in USD wallet.


To be eligible for our affiliate program, you must be from 18+ and don't need to have any skills in marketing or any technical know-how. All you need is just to create and verify your account with us to get started.

How to recruit new affiliates

To recruit or introdce a new affiliate, all you have to do is to create an account, verify you email address and login to your account and copy your member ID or click on "Send Invitation", then enter the person's name and email address.

After sending the invitation, an invitation mail will be sent to the person which the person is meant to signup through it or on the other hand, you can share your member ID to the person and the person should tick the box before "Click here if you were referred" on the signup page to enter your nmember ID.

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Our Referrence Offer

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