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Joining us is very simply. All you need is just a valid email address you've access to, then click on "Sign up Now button at the home page of our website or click on "Wallet" at the top right corner of our website and click on "Register" button. Fill the required information and click on "Create". An account activation mail will be sent to you after which you verify your email address and proceed to start using our services.

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Get Full Details About Our Wallet Service

This page will give you complete detail you need to know about our wallet service, how to send, receive, fund and invest from your wallet. Click on the button below for more details.

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Get Full Details About Our Investment Program

Learn how to start investing with us, make withdrawal, deposit and lots. Click on the button below for more details

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Get Acces to Our Loan Offer

Get information on how to access our loan service, qualification, lending process, percentage and time duration.

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Learn How Our Affiliate Program Works

As an EasyTradeX member, you're entitled to participate in our affiliate program

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Use our currency converter to get the current value of your local currency to USD or BTC.

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Learn how fund & withdraw from your wallet

How to fund your account

To fund your Bitcoin wallet, login to your EasyTradeX account, click on "BTC Wallet" and copy the wallet address below or you can generate a new wallet address as much as you can and then send bitcoin into it. The bitcoin will reflect in your account immediately after one network confirmation.

How to withdraw from your account

To withdraw Bitcoin or USD from your wallet, login to your EasyTradeX account, click on "BTC Wallet" for Bitcoin or "USD Wallet" for USD, enter the value of the BTC to send or USD value for USD wallet and enter either the username or email address or wallet address for another EasyTradeX user or wallet address for external user who's not registered with EasyTradeX and click on "Send". NOTE: Only BTC value eg 0.009 BTC is best to be sent. The minimum amount allowed to be sent is 0.009 BTC. Also note that sending from an EasyTradeX to EasyTradeX wallet is free but sending outside the platform requires transaction fee.

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Making Your Wallet Profitable

We make your wallet profit able, we secure it and give you the best experience

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