Frequently Asked Questions


#What is the Success Rate of EasyTradeX?
- The success rate of EasyTradeX is dependent on the investment plan of our clients. The more cash we have to trade with, the more success we have.

How Long Has EasyTradeX Been in Business?
- We have been in existence since 2010 making profits.

#How Many Clients Do You Serve?
- As at December 2016, EasyTradeX has over 3,200 official clients across its trading packages.

#How long will my investment last?
- All investment made are usually in form of contract, it takes 6 months for your contract with us to expire.

#How do we register to get started?
- You can register on the site by yourself and we would contact you with details to fund your account. Also, you could send an email to and we would assist you in getting started.

#Is there a contract issued between client and EasyTradeX? - Yes there is a legally binding contract issued to our clients.

#Is my capital included in my weekly profit?
- Yes, part of your capital is paid out along with your profit weekly. This is to say that, after your contract expires, no capital will be refunded

#Is my capital included in my weekly profit?

#How long does it take to start trading once we fund our account?
- Immediately your funds are received, we start trading for you.

#Is there a referral system?
- Yes, there is an excellent referral system where you get bonuses and deductions in trading commission for anyone you successfully refer to the company.

#How does the referral system work, and how is the client compensated?
- Once Client A refers Client Z, Client A is entitled to the referral bonus depending on the plan his referral starts with, higher plan yields higher bonuses. Client A’s account is funded with the referral bonus amount and can receive this bonus INSTANTLY if requested


Easy Tradex Inc is a multinational financial and cryptocurrency investment forex broker with antennas around the world offering open membership for investors both professional and novice.